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Discover the hidden value in your precious metals with Gold Trader

Considering Selling?
Discover the hidden value in your precious metals.

Our Gold & Silver Service

Discover the hidden value in your Precious Metals.

At Gold Trader, we provide a hassle-free solution to transform your broken, unwanted, or outdated gold, platinum and silver jewellery into cash.

Our trusted and experienced team is here to make the process easy and rewarding for you.

Why Choose Us?

Top prices

We offer competitive rate for your precious metals, ensuring you get the best value for your items.

Easy process

Selling your jewellery is simple. Just visit our office or use our secure mail-in service.


With a proven track record and a commitment to transparency, we’ve gained the trust of countless satisfied customers.

Any Condition

We accept jewellery in any condition, from damaged pieces to out-of-fashion items.


Many clients often ask if they'll receive the full amount specified in their insurance valuation when they decide to sell their items. An insurance valuation is primarily aimed at determining the replacement cost of an item, which includes various expenses like labour costs and retailer’s markups. Essentially, it reflects the investment required to recreate the item precisely as it was.

Consequently, the final selling price for your jewellery is typically less than the amount stated in the valuation.

In simple terms, the valuation primarily serves as a reference point for insurance purposes, ensuring you receive adequate compensation in case of loss or damage. It might not necessarily mirror the resale value you can expect.

Your jewellery is categorised by karat, and a quote is calculated by using the exact weight of the items combined with the prevailing gold price.

We buy any precious metals, in any condition. This includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium jewellery.

Not at all! It has value. Please feel free to bring your damaged jewellery in to our office for an obligation-free assessment.

In compliance with the SAPS 601 act, we need to obtain a copy of your Identification document, a written address, and a valid contact number.

Yes, your privacy is our priority.

Depending on how many items need to be assessed, a typical consultation takes around ten minutes.

We offer immediate payment by EFT.

Our quotations are obligation-free, and you are free to take your jewellery with you to visit at another time.

No, you do not have to clean anything before visiting our office.

No, the quoted price is the amount our clients will receive if they decide to sell their jewellery.

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